Cyber Security Services

Secure Your Business Against Malicious Bugs

Web and Mobile applications are primary source of malicious bugs. When whole world is moving towards the Online digital world, here also comes the lack of security. Hence, a huge opportunity for hackers to crack your network and theft the crucial information. To avoid this, we get Top-rated Cyber Security Services to help you in securing your Business parameters.

Digitokawn's top Infosec Services

Digitokawn Web Penetration testing

Web Penetration Testing

A cyber security assessment designed to access the web application's architecture, configuration and design. This practice is used to identify the potential risk of data exposure.
Digitokawn Application Security Testing

Application Security Testing

Application Security Testing focus around the mobile applications to detect and exploit it's vulnerabilities by performing several cyber attacks.
Digitokawn Server Security Testing

Server Security Testing

Server Security Testing comprises of performing Penetration Test on servers to detect and exploit the existing malicious loopholes.
Digitokawn Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing

Network Penetration Testing is a security measure taken across a network to identify & demonstrate risks, and validating security defenses.
Digitokawn Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Infrastructure Penetration Testing is a Cyber Security measure to evaluate the overall security of computer system or network by simulating cyber attacks.
Digitokawn Cloud Security Testing

Cloud Security Testing

Cloud Testing is an another way of penetration testing which performs entire testing online and all the applications are tested by tools/scanners hosted in the cloud.
Digitokawn IOT Security Testing

IoT Security Testing

IoT Security Assessment focuses on the vulnerabilities detection in the data transmission, ability to capture data, encrypted transmission of IoT devices.
Digitokawn Secure code Review

Secure Code Review

Secure code review is a manual or automated practice to identify security related threats/weaknesses in the existing code of an application.

How it works?

1. Information Gathering

Information gathering to discover the confidential information about the systems, software, applications and people involved.


Next step is to dig deep into the publicly accessible sources and analyses the collected data.


This step includes the actual testing where a probe is applied to the target to collect preliminary information and review the results for exploitation. The mail goal is to find at least one vulnerability to access the target system.


Now when all vulnerabilities has been discovered, pentesters create a threat model and attack plan to exploit the vulnerabilites.


Next step is to create and submit the Executive Summary Report to the organization which summarizes the testing strategies and test results based on risk rating.


Once the Penetration Testing has been performed successfully, a discussion is scheduled to suggest actionable recommendations to prevent future Cyber Attacks.