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Cyber Security Careers

Let's checkout top Cyber Security Careers in India

Network Security Engineer work includes identifying, monitoring, and checking the security requirements of a system. This job Roles includes critical thinking approach to solve the existing threats and loopholes. Moreover, these profile person more likely tends towards the testing and exploiting the weakness in software and hardware.

Cyber Security Analyst is a security job profile who are responsible for researching new IT trends, creating security plans, reviewing suspicious threats, reporting security loopholes and breaches, and trained the co-workers on security measures. Basically, they are primary looking after the securing company's network and systems from cyber attacks.

The role of Security Architect is to conducting scheduled test and taking security measures to enhances the parameter security. Their main motive is to create security project timelines for ongoing system upgrades.

Digital Marketing Careers

Let's checkout some top Digital Marketing Careers in India

Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for planning and plotting marketing campaigns, web strategies, SEO, email handling, Social Media Observation, and schedule advertising. He is responsible for observing all the social media platform and analyze the branding across all digital channels. One important role of a Digital Marketing Manager is to optimize and report the performance of the ongoing marketing/advertising campaigns.

Develop Search Engine optimization strategies that will increase the website's rank in Google SERP results in the main important role of the Search Engine Optimizer. Moreover, when paid search campaigns are scheduled, Search Engine Optimizer conducts tests, collect and execute data, identify trends and high-performing keywords to ensure the maximum ROI.

As the name inclined, Social Media Marketer is solely responsible for growing Social Media presence of a company. Their work includes creation of text posts, images, video, reels, stories to hook up the visitors. Generating trending and fresh ideas/strategies to promote products, services, content on the social media in a possible engaging way. Social Media Campaigns, Paid Advertising may also come under this role.

Content is the King. Hence, Content Marketer is a valuable post for any company. Their tasks include research and competitors analysis, preparing content marketing plans, creating editorial calendar, content creation, SEO, ensuring the style of branding, publishing and promoting content and content monitoring analysis.

Paid Media Specialist's job is to research websites, find suitable high ranking keywords, assign budgets, creating paid media campaigns, implementing campaign strategies and optimizing campaigns to meet the KPIs. Their work is to work with account management team to decide the budget, manage the spend money, and generating maximum profits.

Web Development Careers

Let's checkout some Web Development Careers in India

Front End Developers work to optimize the user experiences. Creating attractive, responsive, modern, and relative website designs to showcase the details of any business. Their task is to improve the site interaction with or without creating tools that will do work irrespective of the browsers.

Building and managing web applications, Assessing the efficiency and speed of current applications, writing high quality codes, managing hosting, QA testing, Troubleshooting and debugging are some of the responsibilities held by a Back end Developer.

Full Stack Developer handles the work of both Front end and Back end Developers.

Software engineer is responsible for researching, creating new software programs, games, business applications based on the requirements. They handle the minimum tasks of full stack developers like modifying existing codes, adding new features or deleting existing features of a software.

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